R4W History

The history of the Riverside ATV club started when Richard Tudor formed the club in February 1983. Richard was a member of the Orange County Three Wheelers Club and had just moved to Riverside. He still wanted to be a member of an ATV club, o he formed this club. The Riverside ATV Club. The name of the club stayed the same until 1994 when it was changed to the Riverside 4 Wheelers. In the very early days of the club the hot ride was a honda 250R three wheeler. While the rest of the riders had everything from honda 0’s on up to the big 250R. A few of the ride spots that the club had then are still some of the same spots we ride today. some of the old ride spots were Glamis, Dumont Dunes, Pismo Beach, Ocotillo Wells and for many years our favorite winter time run was Beatty, Nevada for New Years Eve.

The club has always enjoyed a membership of 25-50 families. Since the Pinney’s just moved to New Mexico, Scott and Dolly have been members the longest time. The evolution of the club is unique because the club has gone from the three wheeler days to the days of quads and sand rails. Now to the four wheel drive sport utility vehicles. Generally as the evolution of toys begins, the members go their different ways and some clubs fold. The friendships that have been molded in this club have managed to weather the evolution of toys. One of the main reasons that this club still exists is because friendships have held the club together. the advent of four wheel drive vehicles in this club started when Dale King bought his wife Mae a Suzuki Samurai for her birthday. The samurai is still the vehicle choose for some of the member. The club has evolved into a typical club that has all varieties of four wheel drive vehicles.

Of all the leaders in the history of the club, the king of the ride leaders is Dale King. Dale taught the ladies to ride 3 and 4 wheelers in the sand, the kids to ride period and scared the hell out of all of us at one time or another by taking us on three wheelers over hill 6 in GLlamis back in the early 80’s.but he led us in the sand, desert, mountains, rivers, lakes and throughout the marshes of the Sacramento Delta. Dale and Mae are the only ones in the club with a video clip on the market about their bus motor home(Go For It At Glamis) and I’ve seen a Samurai pull the 45,000 Lbs motor home out of the sand.. but thats another story. Anyway the leader of ride leaders is the king of the road. In recent years the new leader to such places as Ouray, Colorado and many trips to Moab has been Jan Cobb. Jan put in a lot of hours looking at maps and planning rides for the club to enjoy and most of Jans trips are two week trips. This year Ted took Jans place and led a two week trip to Cannonville, Escalante and blanding, Utah during the first two weeks of September. He also poured over maps for a lot of hours programming his trusty Garmin 276C GPS for the trip.

As a four wheel drive club, we are not particular where we ride as long as we are riding somewhere. Favorite spots are and were the Heritage Trail, Mojave Trai, Big Bear (our Adopt A Trail), Ocotillo Wells, Panamint Valley, Parker, AZ and Tierra Del Sol at least 2-3 times a year. Just to name a few. some members have driven the Dusy trail, the Rubicon at least twice, and the Moab Easter Jeep Safari five to ten times and also an annual trek to Quartzite, AZ for some others. A few of us have even fortunate enough to do a lot of the years. We also have gone to many Cal 4 wheel Drive Association sanctioned runs and we sponsored the Tombstone Canyon Run at Hi Desert event over memorial day for a number of years. Santiagos Revenge, Sierra Trek, Panamint Valley where some of the favorite Cal 4 Wheel events. The club is not really a politically active club but we do contribute memberships and donations to Cal 4 Wheel, CORVA, Blue Ribbon Coalation, ASA and others.

The first trip to Moab was in 1994 and the first two club rigs up the treacherous Lions Back were Danny in his Sidekick and Scott in his Samurai an our knees knocked all the way up. We went on the Red Rock 4 Wheelers sanctions runs and we hired Dan Mick “Mickey Mouse” the fearless four wheel drive guide for many years until 2003 when for the first time we did not hire Dan at all. Thats when we traded the fearless Mick and his 300$ a day fee for the relentless Jan and his maps. hours and hours of studying th maps so we could do more of what the group wanted to do when the group wanted to do it. We did more night seeing, some easier wheeling and i think we were more relaxed in 2003 than ever before. Jan turned into a darn good leader too.

We also have a Water Division of the club, which means that the 4X4s go into hibernation for the summer or become the boat launch and retrieve vehicle and the water toys come out to play. Places to go over the years were Lakes Havasu, Mead, Mohave, Powell and shasta. Other fun places are Blythe, the Grand Canyon, Sacramento Delta and anywhere else we can get wet. The Water Division has been around as long as the club with many of the members having boats or watercraft when they joined the club. The annual Lake Powell trip was Larry and Barbras family trip each year. They invited some of the club members to go along and over the years it has become an annual club event.

The club is always about the family. The club was founded by a family man for his family and for other families to enjoy also. the club flag was designed and made by Jolene so she and Danny could keep track of their families and the families of their in laws, Scott and Dolly. When we were out on the dunes during the big holiday weekends we could stand high on the hills and look out at the thousands of three wheelers and pick out our kids by the bright flags. As a favor to the club Jolene continued to make the flags for many years but it became so much work  we had to start buying them pre made. Jan, Jolene’s brother went with Danny and Jolene to Beatty a few times and found out how much fun the club was having and he joined. Cousins Kevron and Kent were another example of family enjoyment of the club. in the beginning of the club it was founded Richard and brother Allen Tudor. There are others i’m sure i don’t know about.

A new member once made a comment that the club seemed political. My answer was that the club is not political but has cliques and always had. Thats the nature of a larger group especially in a group that has been together as long as we have. At times when new members join, the old members don’t go over and ask new folks to come join us. and shame us on oldies for that. But I have seen times where new people have been asked to come join us and don’t  and that also has happened since the club began. the club needs new members to survive, prosper and to cement the new friendships that grow into long term friendships. Twice Larry took the Presidents job to keep the club from folding. I have held an office for 8 years, Karl for atleast 4 years, Danny, Steve, Jan, Diane, Mike, Ed, Ted, Bridgette and a lot more of the others have held positions for years. This year we do have new members at the reins of the club as Ms. president and Ms. Vice president for the first time. Thank you for getting involved. No club or organization can survive without having new members step up and jump in is Kevron. He jumped in and led and spotted and dug and pushed and fixed and spotted and spotted and did many other things. He doesn’t go often but when he does, he makes our trips much more fun and enjoyable. So my comment to any new member is”; Come on, Bring your chair and slide up to the fire and get involved. We can always make the fire ring bigger. TREAD LIGHTLY!

-Scotts unabridged version as only I can tell it